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Facebook app is automatically importing your photos - See how to prevent this!

Facebook is very good at stealing your data and playing with it to know more about your online/offline habits.

Recently when I opend up my facebook application on my iPhone 6s, I saw a section right under the "write a status" and it was showing all my camera roll images that was in my iPhone. That means they have already got them and have them saved in their database.

I really do not want to post my personal photographs on facebook, I'm very consious about putting my personal content out there on the internent.

So that was really disgusting to saw that. I immediately took action and provoked the photos permission that facebook app had.

If that desturbs you as well, make sure you do not allow facebook app to access your photos. It's not that they only see photos you choose to upload, they keep an eye on all your latest photos and keep them uploading to their servers from time to time.

As rumors said, facebook messenger app can turn your camera ON from time to time and capture random images and send them directly to their server - you wouldn't even know. Same goes with the microphone. So if you are concerned about your private data to be stolen - you need to provoke access to those apps immediately.
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