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Does every medicine has long term side effects? [VIDEO]

Every medicine we take has long term side effects. Even it's a simple pain killer (ex. Aspirin). Our bodies are continually changing, as our environment, climate change or radiations from sun change. They have impact on us, even on every specie living on this plant (earth).

The evolution in mankind's history have changed dramatically, and we have evolved from different environment catastrophic changes. As science has proved that we evolved form apes.


See introduction to human evolution.

Medicine History

Herbal medicine is the earliest scientific tradition in medical practice, and it remains an important part of medicine to this day - in a line descending directly from those distant beginnings. The early physicians stumbled upon herbal substances of real power, without understanding the manner of their working.

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Medicine / Drugs Side Effects

So, it's true that every medicine or drug has some effects, either long term or instant side effects. And it defer from one human to another because of different age, sex and body type.

Choose your next medication wisely. Medicine Research Departments are continually working on finding some new ways to completely end the intake of medicine and also end diseases from its roots. So no one ever would get sick. They are working on finding ways to produce hormones in human bodies that can cure every existing & coming diseases automatically. It's like a super human. So wait for some decades to see this happening actually when all the human are free of any disease and they are more powerful than ever before.

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