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What martial art do you love? Check those 10 Martial Art Techniques

This Martial Arts infographic features 10 different styles referencing their main features.

The main purpose of this infographic is to share quality information and inspire people about these self development Martial Art techniques.

10 Martial Arts Techniques

  1. BJJ - Ground Fighting
  2. BOXING - Punches
  3. MUAY THAI - The Art of 8 Limbs
  4. KICKBOXING - Kicks & Punches
  5. KARATE - Self-Development
  6. TAEKWONDO - Flexibility
  7. GUDO - The gentle Way
  8. KUNG FU - Work & Time
  9. WRESTLING - Combative Sport
  10. FENCING - Sword

Checkout the awesome infographic below.

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